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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Jim Wangers to Appear at MCACN to Celebrate 50th Anniversary of the Pontiac GTO!

 Tenney Fairchild, California
1964 Royal Bobcat GTO
GTO 50th Anniversary Display Sponsored by Ride On Appraisals

There are plenty of Anniversaries in the car world this year, and at the Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals, we will be celebrating several. The Class of 1964 will be one to remember and The Class of ‘69 will be another hit. Although we decided to not jump on the Mustang Anniversary bandwagon, we have incredibly significant Mustangs and Shelby’s throughout the show, including the very first USA sold Mustang, and some of the highest performance versions. (think Cobra Jet and Boss).
Since we are all about Muscle, we knew we had to celebrate what most consider to be the first real Muscle Car. Yes, some may argue this point, bringing up the Chrysler C-300, various multi-carb Chevy’s and even the early high performance Buicks, but let’s face it. The GTO is the one that created an entirely new genre of automobiles that would affectionately be referred to as Muscle Cars. You know the story; take a big engine, drop it into an intermediate body, mix in an incredible marketing campaign and a catchy name, (that may refer to something...) and put an affordable price on it. Voila!; Instant and unexpected success! Nobody can dispute the impact the GTO has had on our hobby, and it continues to this day. Car and Driver March 1964
And so we are gearing up to host a gathering of Pontiac’s iconic Muscle Car with an incredible group of the finest and rarest examples ever shown under one roof. Ride On Appraisals is our Official Sponsor for this one, so you know it will be good! Kicking things off is the actual 1964 “ringer” Royal Bobcat GTO. Yep...this is the one from the famous Car and Driver magazine GTO vs GTO cover story! Restored by Scott Tiemann and the Supercar Specialties team, it will be joining us from California. To make things even better, we are pleased to announce that you will be able to hear the behind the scenes real story of this car and much more right from the source. Yes...we are pleased to announce The Godfather of the GTO himself, Jim Wangers will be joining us both Saturday and Sunday! Jim will be mixing it up with our spectators and participants right in the GTO Invitational display and he will also present a very special and intimate seminar Saturday titled How Pontiac took racing off the track...and put it on the street! ( are reading that right). What an awesome opportunity to step back in time, right at the MCACN show. Does it get any better? Jim Wangers God father of the GTO
Well, yes...yes it does! This display will tell the story from 1964-1974 with prime examples of Tri-power, Ram Air IV, H/O and more. We have several original owners, hardtops, post sedans and convertibles. Would you like to see a Palladium Silver RA IV ‘69 Judge? How about a RA IV Judge convertible? And of course, several of the cars in this display will be shown, fresh from restoration for the very first time. This is going to be an absolute must see display with a lot of interaction and a lot of fun.
We have openings for a few more select GTO’s, so if you have something special, please e-mail me asap at I would like to add one more 66, 67 and 72 to the mix and I really need a ‘74! Ride On Appraisals
We would like to thank all of the people that have stepped up to make this one a memory maker, including one of our newest MCACN Official Sponsors, Ride On Appraisals. Dennis Parus of Ride On Appraisals will also be conducting several seminars over the weekend to explain the importance of having a proper appraisal for your collector car. (Exact seminar times TBA as we get closer to the show, and will also include special presentations from Jim Mattison of PHS and Jim Luikens of Berger fame).

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Koolestuff Presents Muscle Bikes at MCACN- You gotta see em!

Gary Wold- Koolestuff  All Original/Unrestored 1968 Schwinn Apple Krate

Gary Wold- Koolestuff
All Original/Unrestored 1968 Schwinn Apple Krate
MCACN 2014 Vintage Bicycles

Sponsorship is a key ingredient to any major events success, and at the Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals, we really do have the finest. There is no disputing that we work with the absolute best people in the industry, and what makes it even better is the fact that our sponsors aren’t just check writers, but enthusiasts that participate not only in our show, but our hobby as well at many levels. At the MCACN show you are able to work directly with the “movers and shakers” including several of the owners of these companies. You’ll even see some of them showing cars (and bikes) from their own personal collections! We can not express how much we appreciate our sponsors and we encourage you to support them, as they support what we do, and they truly “get it.”
With that being said, we would like to introduce two new sponsors that are joining us, not only for 2014, but for 2015 too!
Hopefully you had a chance to meet Gary Wold and his crew, who have joined us from North Carolina the past several years against the wall in the “big room.” Gary has shown some beautiful Muscle Bikes along with some awesome automobilia in his display, adding a fun element to our show floor. Gary has also participated in our Muscle Bike show with bikes from his own personal collection, and he may be as bike crazy as me! Koolestuff will be the Official Sponsor of our 3rd Annual show within a show, featuring all brands of Muscle Bikes. You will see Schwinn Stingrays, Krates and Fastbacks, Raleigh Choppers, Ross Barracuda’s and more from Iverson, CCM, Sears and many others. Muscle Bikes are what brought many of us into this hobby, and many of us have bikes, so we are pleased to be able to “raise the bar” for 2014 in this area.
Photo Credit Tim Costello MCACN 2013 Vintage Bike Display
We will be moving the bike show to a central location, and you will find the Koolestuff display right in the middle of the action. Along with some great bikes, Gary will be bringing in some vintage style gas pumps, N.O.S. vintage bike parts and more fun stuff this year. For a preview of what Koolestuff has to offer, check out his website; and be sure to make a point of checking out his display and our expanded Muscle Bike “show within a show” this year. And remember...if you own a vintage Muscle Bike and want to be a part of the Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals, please consider showing it this year! To enter your bike, click here- 

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Nickey Sponsors 2nd Annual Muscle Car Adventures Road Tours in Beautiful Wisconsin Dells

So if you prefer to spend a bit more time behind the wheel driving your car, this is the event for you. We all know how scenic the Wisconsin Dells are, and this event has a long list of guided tours with some really great stops. Not a road race, it is designed to be spirited with a focus on enjoying the sights and sounds. We had a blast last year and met plenty of like minded people. Of course, driving a nice fresh Nickey Camaro certainly helped make it even more fun! The Chula Vista Resort is the home base and it truly has something for everybody. Great food, great service, great golfing and all kinds of fun things to do. But this event is all about driving your Muscle Car, and sharing your passion with like minded fun people. Nickey, who has been a MCACN Official Sponsor since our inception, is the Presenting Sponsor for this, and you can bet that there will be plenty of Nickey customers partaking in the fun. And here is a hint; if you happen to end up behind Nickey Hi-Performance Manager Denny Barker, pull off to the side and let him get way ahead of you, and don’t even think about passing him! Road Tours Muscle Car Adventures
You can still sign up to be a part of the Muscle Car Adventures event and we highly recommend you do. Great cars, cool people, an awesome resort and plenty of colorful tours through some of the most scenic parts of The Dells. Could it get any better?
Go to for full information, the list of tours, maps and more.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Mid America Corvette Funfest THIS WEEKEND!!

MID AMERICA FUNFEST, Featuring Vets with Vettes
If there was ever a must do bucket list event, this is it! As the name implies, this event is all about having fun with your car and a whole lot of awesome people. MCACN Official Sponsor Mid America Motorworks knows how to throw a party, and a party is exactly what this is. Kicking off Thursday, September 18, with the Fun Run and downtown party, things progress for the whole weekend from there. Mike and Laurie Yager will host the annual Charity event Friday night and it just keeps on coming. With row after row of Corvettes , you’ll see it all. Over in the center of the campus you’ll find awesome displays from all kinds of manufacturers and suppliers, and if you want to get the inside scoop, check out the long list of seminars. You’ll find the Corvette world’s “who’s who” on the lists! 2014 Corvette Funfest Presented by Mid America Motorworks
This is what they say about the Funfest; “Corvette Funfest takes place every September at Mid America Motorworks’ Corporate Campus in Effingham, Ill. Four days of Corvette expert seminars, product displays, fashion shows, Corvette Clubs, headlining entertainment and more make this a must-attend event for every Corvette enthusiast!” And that is just a sampling of what they have in store. Make it a point to check out the big Saturday night concert, featuring 38 Special this year! (and here’s a tip; be sure to see Mid America Motor Works Chief Cheerleader Mike Yager up on stage dancing the night away, along with Laurie, Michael, Blake and we can only guess who else! You’ll also want to visit our MCACN 2014 Featured Artist David Snyder, who will be on hand with his latest offerings including something new that I’ll let him tell you about.
Mike Yager Chief Cheerleader of Mid America Motoworks
To learn more about the Funfest, see maps and get road updates and to see the full schedule of activities, go to You can still sign up and you don’t have to own a Corvette to join in the fun! Spectators are welcome and as stated earlier, this is an absolute must do event for the whole family.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Introducing the Rodz Deluxe Award for Best Gasser at MCACN 2014

Today we would like to introduce a brand new award from a good friend and new Sponsor. I met Alan Mayes, Managing Editor of Old Skool Rodz and Car Kulture Deluxe magazines years ago when he was first starting Ol Skool Rodz magazine with Publisher Gino Dipol. Since I was in the process of launching something special in Detroit that was directly related, we instantly hit it off.
The Rodz DeLuxe Award for Best Gasser. Sponsored by Car Kulture DeLuxe and Ol' Skool Rodz Magazines
Soon after, Alan launched a second magazine, Car Kulture Deluxe, with an emphasis on cool customs including some of the baddest straight axles and gassers you’ll ever see. Alan has been watching what we do and he also has been working with our MCACN Official Photographer, Al Rogers. It just so happens that Alan also shares my passion for old bikes, and we ran into each other at the recent Ann Arbor, Michigan bicycle show. thing led to another and before the end of the day, Alan decided he was overdue to join us.
The Rodz DeLuxe Award for Best Gasser. Sponsored by Car Kulture DeLuxe and Ol' Skool Rodz Magazines
 So, for 2014 we are proud to announce the Rodz Deluxe Award for Best Gasser, to be presented to an outstanding entrant and chosen by Alan Mayes himself. But wait, it gets better! For 2015, Ol Skool Rodz and Car Kulture Deluxe will be sponsoring a new Gasser display at MCACN. You know the story...we aren’t going to let our show get boring! Special Thanks go out to Alan and the crew for joining us, not only this year, but for many years to come!
D & M Corvette Specialists & Nickey Registry Gassers