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Friday, July 24, 2015

MCACN Participants, Past and Future to be Showcased at Concours d'Elegance of America at the Inn at St. John

Sneak Peek  2015 MCACN*
1955 Chevy 4400 Truck + ‘55 Chevy Gasser
2015 MCACN Gasser Invitational Sponsored by Car Kulture Deluxe
Owner- Larry Frees, IL

As you know, working on the Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals is what I do. Putting together a show of this caliber means long hours, lots of travel and plenty of work, all year long. What some of you may not know is that I am also a member of the Vehicle Selection Committee for the prestigious Concours d’Elegance of America at St. John, (formerly known as the Meadowbrook Concours) here in the Detroit area. Without a doubt, one of the top Concours events in the country, it shares the spotlight with Amelia Island and Pebble Beach when it comes to showcasing the absolute finest and rarest collector cars in the world. Similar to  MCACN, but with all kinds of Classics, Exotics, Brass era cars and way too much more to list. With over 250 cars converging on the beautiful grounds of the Inn at St. John in Plymouth, Michigan, (suburban Detroit area), it is a must do event no matter what kind of wheeled vehicles you prefer.
2014 Concours d'Elegance of America Aero Warriors Display
Of course, my focus is on assembling an outstanding group of American Muscle, and each year I choose a specific theme. This year we are spotlighting Pony Cars, and as you have probably guessed, I have an incredible group of cars that have been shown with us at past MCACN shows, and several that will be joining us this year for the first time. Past MCACN participants that you will see include the beautiful ‘67 Z/28 shown by Ken and Chris Jacobs (TX), the ‘68 Cougar 427 GTE MCACN magazine cover and poster car owned by Kenn Funk, (CA) Ken Nagles gorgeous ‘68 Shelby GT-500 KR convertible, (IL) one of the fine 1969 Trans Am convertibles that is joining us from The Brothers Collection, (CA), the #1 real Indianapolis 500 ‘69 Camaro Official Pace Car that was unveiled last year at MCACN, owned by Vernon Smith, (NF) the Olsonite AAR ‘Cuda owned by Eldon Meyers, (MO), Larry Greif’s 70 Z/28, (IL), and of course, we have AMC well represented with Roger Nelson's Big Bad Blue ‘70 Mark Donahue Javelin, (IL) and Terry Weiner’s immaculate ‘71 Javelin/AMX, (IL). Over in the Drag Car special display, you'll find Irwin Kroiz' beautiful Bill Maverick Golden '64 Hemi Dodge. Irwin is another MCACN alumnus and long time supporter of our show. And then we have the future MCACN participants...more about those later! And as if that isn’t enough, I have Terry Michaelis of Pro-Team bringing in the one-off Pontiac Trans Am Kammback Concept Car for a special display. I am extremely proud of this lineup and I want to extend my heartfelt thanks to all who have made the commitment to join us Sunday, July 26. As you can see, these cars are coming in from as far as Newfoundland Canada, Texas and California.
2014 Concours d'Elegance of America Duesenbergs Photo Credit: Don Wood
And some more about the event. The Concours d’Elegance of America is a beautiful and very diverse show held in an absolutely gorgeous shady golf course setting. In the late 1940s,  St. John’s Provincial Seminary opened its doors. In 1955, its remarkable chapel was dedicated and it remains exactly as it was to this day, and still offers Sunday mass at 7 am year round. This historic setting in itself is enough reason to join us, and adding over 250 wheeled works of art on the surrounding grounds of all era’s makes it even better! For full information on the Concours and a variety of related events, check out And speaking of art, our good friend and  2014 Featured Artist David Snyder will also be there along with many of our other favorite automotive artists.
Reliable Carriers Delivering Cars to the Concours d'Elegance
I AM LOOKING FOR...there are a few specific cars I am in search of for some of our special displays. If you own a prime example that is real and documented and would like to join us, please let me know. I want a ‘70 Buick GSX for Class of ‘70, 1965 Shelby Mustang and a prime ‘65 K-code Mustang for Class of 1965, Corvettes with interesting race history for Dr. Pete’s Corvette Invitational, more real Barn Finds and Hidden Gems, straight axle Gassers for our expanded Gasser display, and as always, prime examples of interesting American Muscle, whether freshly restored or with real patina. The show is filling at a rate faster than ever, with many of our special displays and some categories already full. The “big room” is 75% full and our new Modern Muscle section has just four openings remaining. Commercial “A” space is nearly sold out. If you are planning on joining us as a participant or vendor, submit your entry now to avoid being shut out. keep the show balanced and interesting, we limit the amount of similar car makes and models.
Hope to see you at the Concours d’Elegance of America on Sunday, or at one of the many other shows this summer.
*See a V8TV Video of the Mr. Chevy Truck /Gasser Race Car Sneak Peek Car above
Thanks for your continued support and please remember to help us spread the word by telling anyone and everyone to join us Saturday, November 21, from 9 am – 9 pm, and Sunday, November 22, from 9 am – 5 pm. We will again showcase over 550 prime Muscle Cars, Dealer-built Supercars and the finest and rarest Corvettes, along with 200+ automotive only vendor spots and a cool display of Muscle Bicycles. Title Sponsor; Mecum Auctions. Presenting Sponsor; Bill Stasek Chevrolet.
Bob Ashton
Managing Member

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Road Art, Corvettes and Mopars this Weekend!

1970 Boss 302 Cougar Eliminator
Unrestored Original
Class of ‘70 Invitational Display
Owner : Dave Wyrwas, New Hampshire


Once again we are faced with a real dilemma; too many great car events to choose from! And if you are a car nut like me, this really is a dilemma. First, our Muscle Car And Corvette Nationals Title Sponsor Mecum Auctions is hosting their huge Road Art auction at their beautiful headquarters in Walworth, Wisconsin. It is worth a trip to Walworth just to see the home base of Mecum Auctions, so when you add over 1,000 lots of Road Art to the mix, well it makes for an awesome time! Offerings range from hundreds of original neon signs and porcelain signs to an incredible 1922 Spillman Menagerie Carousel that measures 40’ in diameter! You really have to see this true work of art to believe it. There will be over 1,000 lots crossing the block Friday, Saturday, and Sunday with a preview on Thursday. You are sure to find something for your collection! For the full list of offerings along with maps and auction details, Click Here
2015 Corvette Homecoming July 16-18
Over in Bowling Green, Kentucky, our good friends and long time MCACN supporters Joe and Vera Pruitt are geared up and ready for their 34th Annual Corvette Homecoming. If you want to have a fun family weekend, this is a great place to go, as they have all kinds of activities for the whole family, along with hundreds of beautiful Corvettes. MCACN Official Sponsor, Mike Yager, Chief Cheerleader of Mid America Motorworks, is the Grand Marshal and he’ll be signing books and talking Corvette, so there is another reason to go! Mike Yager Grand Marshal 2015 Corvette Homecoming
Joe and Vera have a full menu of activities that kick off Thursday and culminate with the big show Friday and Saturday. They have all the bases covered with a road tour, free seminars, show cars inside and outside and lots of vendors. Plenty of activities for the ladies too along with a dinner and dance that is sure to be a blast. For full show information, check out

Belvidere Mopar Happening
CMC Belvidere MOPAR HAPPENING. Well, if you didn’t get enough for your Mopar appetite at the All Chrysler Nationals last weekend in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, then why not join us for this 25th Annual show and swap meet, presented by our friends and MCACN Mopar Alley hosts Chicagoland Mopar Connection? Taking place Saturday the 18th, and Sunday, the 19th, this is another must do event. We will be set up inside to talk about MCACN and we will be accepting applications for cars, muscle bicycles and vendors, even if you aren’t showing a Mopar! (we do have some openings in Mopar Alley too). This event draws plenty of cars that don’t come out very often and every year we find some great cars to invite to the MCACN show. C’mon out and see us there. For show information, go to BTW; the Carlisle All Chrysler Nationals was awesome!

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Celebrating the 4th with some Good Old Fashioned Red, White and Blue!

Sneak Peek  2015 MCACN*
1970 & 1971 Hemi 'Cuda Convertibles
2015 MCACN  Hemi E Body Convertible Invitational
The Brothers Collection

The July 4th holiday brings thoughts of freedom, independence and just how fortunate we are to live in the good old U.S. of A. We salute those who have served in the past and are currently serving, who allow us to enjoy the freedom that we can all enjoy on a daily basis.
With that being said, let me tell you about a trip I just returned from. Someone said that if you love your job, you never have to work a day...or something like that. Well, let me tell you, I really love my job! I just returned from the West Coast, where I went to photograph eight of the most desirable muscle cars ever built for our new Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals magazine and a very special Limited Edition Commemorative book. (more on that later!).
 Being able to get “up close and personal” with any one of these cars is a treat, but that was just the beginning. You see, I also had the opportunity to view what may be the finest collection of Muscle Cars ever assembled. Now, I have viewed many collections over the years, but this one is simply mind blowing. LS6 Chevelles; check...Shelby Cobra’s; check!, Hemi Mopars; check! Yenko’s; check...Hurst/Olds; checkeroo! And how about muscle cars of the 60’s and 70’s with original mileage in double-digits? Yes...I mean 14 miles, or 42 get the picture! If you have been following the excellent V8TV Muscle Car of the Week segments, or have been to the MCACN show, you know we are talking about The Brothers Collection. We have been very fortunate to have been able to showcase a variety of cars from this incredible collection since our inception in 2009. Remember those Trans Am convertibles and the Hurst/Olds convertible with the huge shifter? How about the Ram Air IV Firebird convertible and G.S. Stage 1, 4-speed convertibles that were unveiled at MCACN last year? Yep; Brothers Collection cars! In Randy Leffingwell’s outstanding book, Top Muscle,
Top Muscle by Randy Leffingwell
 (which by the way, is an absolute must have!), MCACN Member Charley Lillard summed it up by saying “If you are a car guy, you’re a car guy, and the brothers love cars. They don’t have a handful of muscle cars to showcase, we are talking about several hundred cars in the collection.” And let me tell you, we are talking about the best of the best and the rarest of the rare, all meticulously maintained and ready for action. Yes...I love my job!
I had the distinct honor of shooting nearly 1,000 photos. Tops up, tops down, and inside and outside. You will see the results in the upcoming MCACN 72 page magazine, which you can get for free by signing up for our mailing list here;  We are planning on a 30,000 print run and I have to say it is coming along great. In addition to our magazine, I am also working on a very special and very Limited Edition hardcover commemorative book that will feature each one of the 20+ 1970 426 Hemi Challenger R/T convertibles and ‘70 and ‘71 426 Hemi ‘Cuda convertibles that you will see at MCACN this year. A gathering of this magnitude has never happened, (even back in the day!) and it is unlikely that it will ever happen again, so mark your calendar now and plan on joining us November 21-22. Shown above is a “teaser” shot of what you will see on the cover and in the centerspread of this years MCACN magazine. I am pleased to say this display is Sponsored by The Brothers Collection along with the Supercars website. To learn more about The Brothers Collection, pick up Randy Leffingwell’s fine book and subscribe to the V8TV Muscle Car of the Week YouTube channel.
  Dennis Pittsenbarger
While out west, I also met with our good friend and Official MCACN Master of Ceremonies, Dennis Pittsenbarger. We are working on an all new feature this year, where Dennis will be interviewing some of our notable attendee’s, and we are also working on a really fun Muscle Car Trivia feature for our participants and spectators. Picture a Tonight Show format, with Dennis at a desk doing what he does best, and a comfy sofa, where our guests will be interviewed in front of several rows of seats for you to kick back and relax...and maybe even win some schwag! It is all about having fun and enjoying the cars and most importantly, the people that make this hobby of ours so great.

So there you have it...the latest updates on the show and what I have been up to. Next week I head over to the All Chrysler Nationals in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. One of the coolest events of the year, as MCACN Official Sponsor Carlisle events always does a truly outstanding job! Check out for full information.
The Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals is the world’s largest all indoor specialty show devoted to Muscle Cars, Dealer-built Supercars and the finest and rarest Corvettes. We will fill nearly 400,000 square feet of exhibit space at the beautiful Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, (suburban Chicago), Illinois, in the shadow of the Chicago O’Hare Airport. The show will take place Saturday, November 21, from 9 am – 9 pm and Sunday, November 22, from 9 am – 5 pm. Title Sponsor; Mecum Auctions, Presenting Sponsor; Bill Stasek Chevrolet.
We are accepting applications now for cars, automotive related (only) vendors and muscle bicycles. We also have limited ad space available in our new MCACN full color magazine with rates starting at just $100.
Have a GREAT and Safe Holiday!
Bob Ashton
Managing Member

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Bloomington Gold, GM Carlisle and Mecum Denver; Whew!!

1965 Corvette Coupe
2015 Triple Diamond Contender
Owner: David Harris, Louisiana


I love ifs, ands or buts. The only problem is, sometimes there is so much going on, I wish I could clone myself! This is one of those weekends. First off, we have the Grand-daddy of Corvette shows, Bloomington Gold. This year they are moving to a new home, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, which is worth the trip even if there wasn’t a car show there. Next we have Mecum Auctions hitting Denver, Colorado. And if you prefer to head east, then we have the awesome GM Nationals in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. Whew...what a weekend! You can’t go wrong at any of these events, so don’t sit on the couch and watch re-runs of I Love Lucy this weekend, get out there and mix it up!
Corvette Central Triple Diamond Award
Photo Credit Gary Gerstner
The MCACN crew will be setting up a BIG display this year at the Bloomington Gold show, Thursday the 25th – Saturday the 27th. Actually, to call this a show would be an understatement, as there is so much more to this event. Show, swap, road tour, ladies area, vendors galore and even an opportunity to drive your own Corvette on the famous Indianapolis race track. It really couldn’t get any better, and we are thrilled to be a part of the move to Indy. You will find us in a beautiful covered display in a Garage Suite on the main aisle in space #GG-19. We will be geared up and ready to sign you up for Corvette Central Triple Diamond competition or any other part of the show, whether you want to show or be a vendor. I will be on the grounds shooting pictures of our participating cars for our new magazine too, so if you see me, be sure to grab me and show me your car, if I don’t find you first! If you don’t see me, go to our booth and tell Vicki, and she’ll make sure I shoot it. for full show information. Bloomington Gold 2015 Indianapolis
A number of our Official Sponsors will be at Bloomington Gold, including our Title Sponsor Mecum Auctions, with their beautiful new display trailer, (you gotta see this!), our Presenting Sponsor, Bill Stasek Chevrolet showcasing some awesome Corvettes offered for sale, our 2015 MCACN Featured Artist Dana Forrester, Carlisle Events, Our Official Triple Diamond Sponsor Corvette Central, our Official Detailer DFT Detailing, Mid America Motoroworks, Trailex and NCM Insurance. If it is Corvette related, you can pretty much be sure they’ll be here, whether showing, in the vendor midway or swap area, or in the big Car For Sale area!
Speaking of our MCACN Featured Artist Dana Forrester, you will have a chance to WIN a gorgeous Limited Edition Giclee Corvette print, #120 of a 1,000 run, titled “The Predator”. This one features a sinister looking black Corvette. Be sure to stop by our booth to sign up to get your FREE MCACN 72 page magazine and a chance to win this beautiful print "The Predator" by Dana Forrester

Mecum Auctions
2015 Mecum Denver  June 26-27, 2015
Over in Denver, the Mecum Auctions team will be hosting over 700 cars, motorcycles and as always plenty of Road Art. I know several of our regular MCACN participants are offering some great cars, so this is sure to be another winner. And the case of the Mecum Auctions team, they can be in two places at once!
Carllisle GM Nationals 2015
Carlisle Events  Carlisle GM Nationals 2015
Over in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, another MCACN Official Sponsor, Carlisle Events, is geared up for their awesome GM Nationals event from the 26-28th. (Looks like they can be in two places at once too!) You’ll remember that Carlisle Events sponsored our L89 Invitational display last year and this year they are sponsoring our big LS6 Invitational. They will also be presenting four very special “Pick” awards at our show, one for a GM car, one for a Corvette, one for a Mopar or AMC and one for a Ford or Mercury. With row after row of cars and row after row of vendors, this is another must do event. Oh...and while you’re there, be sure to see our 2014 MCACN Featured Artist, Dave Snyder, and check out his latest works, including his newest Guitar. We hear he is working on another guitar that will be unveiled at MCACN!
"Lambrecht Delivery" by David Snyder matter where you end up, you can rest assured that these events are going to be awesome. Hope you make it to one or all three of them, and if it is Bloomington Gold, be sure to stop by and see us.
The Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals is the world’s largest all indoor specialty show devoted to Muscle Cars, Dealer-built Supercars and the finest and rarest Corvettes. Muscle Car Review magazine says we are “The best Muscle Car show on the planet!” Please plan on joining us Saturday, November 22, from 9 am – 9 pm,  and Sunday, November 23 from 9 am – 5 pm. Applications for cars and automotive (only) vendors are now being accepted. Title Sponsor; Mecum Auctions. Presenting Sponsor; Bill Stasek Chevrolet.
Happy and safe travels to all and good luck to our Bloomington Gold competitors!
Bob Ashton
Managing Member

Friday, June 19, 2015

Great Weekend To Be In Michigan!

1965 Oldsmobile 442
Class of 1965 Invitational Participant
Owner: Jasen Ramsey, Michigan

Photo Credit : Al Rogers Freeze Frame Image, LLC
Many of you know that although the Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals show is in the Chicago area, Vicki and I actually live in Michigan. Well...being near the Motor City, you know there are always plenty of car shows and cruises around here! This weekend is one of my favorites, as we have two of the best shows of the summer. First off is the big Oldsmobile Homecoming in Lansing, Michigan. This long running marque specific show will take place Saturday, June 20 from 9 am – 3 pm, and it is the largest all Oldsmobile show in the country. We will be set up there to spread the word and see who we can recruit to join us at the MCACN show. I am especially looking for 1965 and 1970 cars for our Anniversary Invitational displays, but any high-horsepower Olds, especially W-Machines, are always welcome at our show. If you are planning on heading over to the Oldsmobile Homecoming, please make a point of stopping by our display. Vicki and I will both be there, and we will also have a very special young lady with us that would love to meet you! For full information on the Saturday show and also the Friday cruise and Saturday night events at the Oldsmobile Museum, go to;

EyesOn Design Car Show Fathers Day 2015
On Sunday we will converge on the Edsel & Eleanor Ford House in Grosse Pointe Shores for one of the most prestigious events in Michigan. The 28th Annual EyesOn Design show is a Concours style show that is a benefit event for the Detroit Institute of Ophthalmology, a very worthy cause. I was the Event Chairman last year, and I am very involved in various aspects of the show. I coordinate the Muscle Car group, (of course!) and also the Tuner group, which is exclusive for this type of event. This year we have several past MCACN participants joining us in both categories, and of course, the rest will be invited to join us this year! The variety we have showcased in the muscle group is something I am very proud of, and over in the Tuner group, we have Baldwin-Motion and Nickey representing! The setting for this show is just beautiful and the Ford House will be open for tours. This has become a Fathers Day Tradition for many, myself included, now with three generations of Ashton’s on hand, with Ian and Laura and my Grandson Robbie joining us. The show will take place from 10 am – 4:30 pm on Sunday, and we will host nearly 300 cars and motorcycles of all types, from 1905-2015, including full classics, exotics, and just about everything else you can imagine. Being a design-based show, you will see some really unique and unexpected vehicles, including a variety of concept and one-off cars.
Please see for full information on the show and the Detroit Institute of Ophthalmology and their mission.
Power Tour was awesome, and I would like to say THANKS to Stefano and Beth Bimbi from Nickey, along with Denny Barker, who provided a brand spankin’ new Stage II Nickey Hot Rod Special Edition Camaro for my use. I had the car on display in the Magnuson booth, (Thanks Magnuson!) which allowed me to talk about MCACN at every stop. I distributed several thousand postcards, flyers and magazines and found that the recognition and excitement level for the MCACN show is exceptionally high. Was great seeing plenty of old friends and MCACN supporters and meeting lots of new ones! Oh...and having close to 560 Magnuson supercharged ponies under the hood sure made for a whole lot of fun! I am still amazed that after 2,000 miles, I didn’t get any tickets...or end up in jail! Nickey Super Camaro on 2015 Hot Rod Power Tour
Next week we head to Indianapolis for the big Bloomington Gold Corvette show. We will have a much larger display this year, as we are very excited about their new home. The Indy 500 grounds are worth seeing any time, but when you add the Granddaddy of Corvette Shows to the mix, it becomes and absolute must do event! for show information.
Summer is in full swing now, so get out there and enjoy it...I know I am!
Title Sponsor; Mecum Auctions. Presenting Sponsor; Bill Stasek Chevrolet.
Bob Ashton
Managing Member