Kicking Off the New Year! 2023!

*2023 Speak Peek

1973 Buick G.S. Stage 1 Sun Coupe
2023 MCACN Class of '73 Participant
Owner: Phillip Roitman, New York


Auction Action Kicks Off the New Year!

Now that the holidays are behind us and it's time to jump into the New Year, I have to again state that the excitement level for all things related to our hobby are at fever pitch, and looking great for 2023. I know we already have some really exciting special displays coming together and some new ones that we will be announcing soon.

Of course, if you are a Car Freak like me, the action really kicks into high gear this month with the many exciting auctions. And of course, there couldn't be more excitement than what has already started out in Kissimmee, Florida with our Official Title Sponsor, Mecum Auctions!

Once again, Dana, Frank and the team have smashed another record by having the largest car auction ever with over 4,100 vehicles crossing the block over 11 days from January 4-15. That's a whole lot to choose from! If you were with us for MCACN 2022, you saw preview of some of the Muscular Highlights; several notable Wing Cars, the LS6 Chevelle convertible, the gorgeous Ram Air GTO's, the Yenko, and well....the list (literally) goes on and on. Suffice it to say, if you have been looking to buy or sell a prime example of American Muscle, Mecum has the bases covered. And that includes some awesome Corvettes too!

Chuck Cocoma "The Judge"

Hopefully you will be able to attend the auction in person, because much like the MCACN show, there is nothing better than catching all the excitement live. Row after row of awesome cars, all kinds of buyers and sellers sharing stories and bottom line, a whole lot of fun. As we all know, Nobody sells more American Muscle than Mecum...NOBODY! And what makes it even better is the level of service they provide. You will see some of our MCACN supporters selling some great cars this year, including Tim Wellborn and Chuck Cocoma and as always, even more buying! 

Wellborn Collection  

We can't wait to see and hear about what you buy or sell. And as always, if you can't make it to Kissimmee in person, you can catch ALL of the auction action each and every day directly through the Mecum website. And it is always fun to watch our good friends John Kraman and Scott Hoke with live television coverage on the Motor Trend channel and through the Motor Trend app. Click here for exact times to catch Scott and John: And this is just the beginning...

Out west the action continues with several auctions and a wide variety of activities. An absolute must do if you are heading west, be sure to hit the huge Pavilions Cruise-In, Saturday, January 28. Hundreds of cars start arriving early in the morning before the sun comes up and it is a revolving show all day long. And talk about diversity; whew! I've seen one-off Muscle Cars, long forgotten Hemi's and COPO's, some AZ Barn Finds, awesome street rods, a variety of full classics and even some Mini Bikes and Motorcycles. If it is cool and has wheels, it is likely to be there, and every year I find some great cars to invite to MCACN.


MCACN CAR ENTRY: The entry application is up now on our website. If you are considering showing with us this year, please send pictures and information for Pre-Approval to We have announced several of our new Invitational and Special displays and will announce more as details are confirmed. I can tell you we have some really cool stuff coming together in addition to our Class of 1967 and '73 Anniversary displays, Barn Finds & Hidden Gems, Vintage Certification, the big "Red Carpet" Ford and Mercury Boss Invitational, our Corvette Central Triple Diamond certification and so much more. Stay Tuned...


MCACN Official Host Hotels: The links are now up for the DoubleTree, the Embassy Suites and the Hyatt. We should have the booking links for the Hilton, the Crowne Plaza, the aLoft and the Sonesta real soon as they finalize details through their corporate systems.

MCACN Vendors: Registration is now open for automotive ONLY vendors. We have a strict policy that prohibits head-set hawkers, travel agencies, home improvement companies and pull-up challenges, so if that's what you do, don't bother asking! If you have an automotive related business and you are the best of the best, please consider joining us. Commercial space rates start at just $250.00 per 10 x 12' spot. Previous vendors have until 4-1-23 to lock in their same spaces(and nearly all do!)

Here's to a Safe, Healthy and Prosperous New Year for you, your family and friends.

Hope we cross paths soon!

Bob Ashton
Managing Member

Title Sponsor