Boss 429 Cougar? Expect The Unexpected at the MCACN Show!

 *2023 Sneak Peek

1969 Boss 429 Cougar, 1 of 2
2023 MCACN Boss Invitational Participant
Owner: Doug Herzog, Missouri


MCACN "Red Carpet" Display to Spotlight Boss Fords and MERCURYS!

Ford & Mercury "Show Em Who's Boss" Invitational!

If there is one thing we can say about the Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals show it is that you can always expect the unexpected. While we rotate the big "Red Carpet" Invitational display up front between the Big Three every year, that means that for 2023 we will put the spotlight on Ford and Mercury.

David Snyder CarArt "Ford Service" 

Of course, at the top of the High Performance list for Ford is the wild Hemi-Head Boss Mustang. While we have hosted several Boss Mustang related special displays over the years, this year we are adding a bit of a twist. will see some of the rarest and most desirable Boss 302's and Boss 429 Mustangs, but did you know that two Boss 429 Cougars came out of the Kar Kraft facility back in 1969? 

Both Photo Above and Below: Photo Credit : Mark Pach MCACN 2019 

Indeed, the powers that be at Mercury knew that the Boss '9 drivetrain was a winner and they didn't want to be left out, so the decision was made to create TWO Boss 429 Cougars specifically for drag use. Back in December of 1968 Emil Loeffler, Chief of Lincoln-Mercury's drag program, asked Kar Kraft to build these cars, with one going to Don Nicholson and one going to Eddie Schartman. Plans were in place to build 50, "to be set up as race rather than street vehicles". While this program was eventually killed, there were two cars built for drag racing. While the Cougar did share many components with the Mustang, it was necessary for Kar Kraft to do their magic, making a number of modifications. This includes creating special inner fender aprons, modifying the suspension and much more. Much of this was hand-built, requiring quite a bit of fabrication.

These two cars would indeed go to Nicholson and Schartman, and amazingly, they both survive. While there were quite a few modifications made to both cars over the years, when the owners of KK 1685 considered the significance, they knew it must be saved. Doug Herzog raced this car over the years, dating back to the 70's and plans to continue to do so! We are thrilled to announce that the Eddie Schartman KK 1685 Boss 429 Cat, still owned by Doug Herzog, will be joining us this year for our very special Boss Invitational Display, Presented by The Brothers Collection. While it is a '69, you'll notice that it wears 1970 trim, as that is how Eddie Schartman updated it for dealer clinics and promotional use.

Once again, we are honored and thrilled to be able to host something very special and very historical. Imagine if you will, putting BOTH of the original Kar Kraft built Boss Cougars side by side....

Michael Irvine Studios "Boss Building" 


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