Jumping Into The New Year: MCACN 2023

*2023 Sneak Peek 

1969 American Motors SC/Rambler
2023 MCACN Barn Finds & Hidden Gems Participant 
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Owner: Martin Metz, New Jersey
"YEP...They really are still out there!"

Always A Work in Progress; 2023 Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals

Now that the January auctions are behind us, we are gearing up for yet another stellar year for the Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals show. And wow...what a month it's been. Hopefully you were able to benefit from the auctions, whether buying or selling or just observing all of the passion that our hobby is enjoying. How cool is it to be immersed in the enthusiasm! While realistically, the planning and work never stops, we are now gearing up for our next show, which will take place Saturday, November 18, and Sunday, November 19 at the beautiful Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, (SUBURBAN Chicago!), Illinois.

Rosemont has proven to be the ultimate home for what we do. With the Rosemont Entertainment District, a variety of great restaurants ranging from great steak houses like Gibsons to the Denny's up the street, the 130+ store Outlet Mall and most importantly, our SEVEN great Official Host Hotels, who all welcome us with open arms. Yes...we pretty much take over the entire community! Those of you who join us every year know, and for anyone considering joining us, we recommend you talk to those who already do.


Room at the Crowne Plaza

We have direct booking links up and ready now for all of our Official Host Hotels, with rates starting at just $121.00 at the Crowne Plaza right across the street. REMEMBER; these are our only authorized Host Hotels and we will NEVER call or email you to solicit hotel business. If you ever get a random email that is not from us, or ANY call to solicit hotel business on our behalf, IT IS FAKE and most likely a scam. We work very hard directly with these seven hotels, set up direct booking links through our website and get great rates along with reduced rate parking and extra perks at all seven. These rates and perks are available through our website links to ALL spectators and participants. Book now to be in the best hotels with the best rates and best service. These Hotels know us, know what we do and want to earn your business. To see what each hotel has to offer, what the rates are and to book your rooms now, click here: www.mcacn.com/hotels


CAR ENTRY: While the vast majority of the show is made up of vehicles the MCACN team invites, it is possible to submit an entry online. For consideration, please send quality photos and information to bashton426@gmail.com. We always love to have cars that are rarely (if ever!) shown, cars that have great stories and history and the unusual and unexpected. Of course, if you have something that fits one of our Invitational or Special displays, we would love to hear about it! We work very hard to keep the show fresh and exciting, so let us know what you have. Send pics and info to bashton426@gmail.com


Mary Yeadon Bellflower Art   Photo Credit: Diane Warner Images

MCACN VENDORS: Renewals are coming in at a steady pace, and we thank our many loyal previous vendors for that. As always, you MUST be automotive related! We absolutely do not allow travel agencies, pull-up challenges, home improvement companies or any of that. We are a quality car show, not a flea market, so if you are not automotive, please don't waste our time. With 10 x 12' spaces starting at just $250.00 per spot, we make it affordable, but always require quality and integrity. 


INVITATIONAL AND SPECIAL DISPLAYS: We have announced several and have more in the works. Of course, we will celebrate the anniversaries of the 1968 and 1973 model years.  We will have BOSS Fords and Mercury's up front along with an incredible Non Mustang 66-71 Ford and Mercury display, Big Body Impala and Buick features and more. We will focus on the General Motors Colonnade cars for Malaise Era Muscle. Barn Finds & Hidden Gems, Triple Diamond and Vintage Certification return, and are always among the first to fill (as in sell out) and we will have our Muscle Bicycle and Mini Bike gatherings. More TBA in the coming weeks.

So much happening already...2023 is going to be another great year for the Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals. Please plan now on joining us, as it is never too early!

As always, please be safe, be nice and help us spread the word by sharing our emails, facebook, youtube and instagram posts!


Bob Ashton
Managing Member

Title Sponsor


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