Vintage Certification Program Thrives at MCACN

*2019 Sneak Peek

1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS LS5
Owner: Mark Bulaw, Illinois
2019 MCACN Vintage Certification Participant


If you are reading this you know that a vast majority of the 500+ prime examples of American Muscle and the rows of Corvettes are usually pretty shiny. In fact, many are even far shinier than they were when they left the assembly line. Sponsored by Miller Auto Care Stock Restorations and Restomods we have our super fun Barn Finds & Hidden Gems area, which always has plenty of cars that haven't been shiny for many years, but there is another area that often has some cars that aren't quite as shiny as the rest. Don't get me wrong, some are indeed still gleaming, with the original paint that does have plenty of shine, but some show the patina that only an original can offer.

Vintage Certification at MCACN

Our Vintage Certification program, Sponsored by Frank Badalson's American Performance, LLC is unique in many ways. A MCACN exclusive, this intense judging and inspection process focuses on preservation instead of restoration. Our team of marque experts pore over every square inch, inside, outside and underneath to document build techniques and to see the many variations on original, untouched and unrestored cars. With the focus on preservation, originality is the key. The cars go up on the Titan Lifts and our Vintage Judges, led by MCACN Member Steve Shauger inspect these cars, and utilizing the multi-page inspection forms, create a detailed report. Muscle Car Review magazine, in a full feature titled Originality Certified stated that "VC Means Very Credible at MCACN" and that pretty much sums it up.

These cars offer a truly outstanding opportunity for all of us to learn about how they were really built, The flaws and variations are what make these cars special, and the amount of information garnered is priceless. "Having original though imperfect components is still a plus here" said MCR. Awards and certificates are issued in five levels ranging from Vintage Reference for vehicles that are unrestored in at least one Vintage Reference area to the coveted Vintage Time Capsule for vehicles that are 95%+ unrestored in all area's.

This year we will again host a wide variety of unrestored originals from various makers. As of this writing, we have several first generation Camaro's, a Chevelle, a show stopping '64 Plymouth Belvedere, a '66 and a '67 Corvette, a Grand Prix and a '69 Hurst/Olds along with several 442's. We have just a few remaining openings, as this program is strictly limited due to the time constraints needed to properly judge these cars. If you would like to learn more about our Vintage Certification program, check out If you have a car that may qualify and you would like to join us, please contact Steve Shauger at or call at 631-514-9765 to lock in your entry. Don't hesitate as we always sell out well in advance! And if you are joining us as a spectator, be sure to allow plenty of time to take in these 4-wheel treasures.

The MCACN Crew!