Five More Reasons To Join us at MCACN in November

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We Really Want You and Your Family To Join Us at the MCACN Show!

Most of you know that I attend quite a few automotive events throughout the country. Heck...I even go a few blocks from my home to go to events at the old Packard Proving Grounds here in Michigan, which is the home of the very first car show I ever went to. Yep....rode my Sting-Ray up there, jumped the fence and never looked back!

While thinking about various events, I thought about how fun and easy some are to attend, while others are, well...not so easy. With that being said, allow me to show you a few of the things we do to make it easier to join us, whether you are from across the country or from down the street.

EASY ACCESS: Yes, we say we are in Chicagoland, or the Chicago area, but the fact is we are about 1/2 hour outside of the city in safe and suburban Rosemont. With the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center literally located right off of I-294, you can avoid the city by going "around" the outside. I drive from the Detroit area on a regular basis, directly down 94 to 294, and get off at the Balmoral exit and voila!, turn left on River Road and the convention center is right there. And we are right in the area of the Rosemont Entertainment District, with a wide variety of restaurants, bars, a Muvico Theater, Indoor Sky-Diving, and so much more. Oh...and a 130 store outlet mall too!

PARKING: Again, conveniently located, with parking garages literally across the street on both River Road and also behind the convention center on Bryn Mawr. It is also possible to access the convention center via the overhead walkway, allowing you to keep your coats in your car. If you cross the street on River Road, the Rosemont Police will be there to assist you. And for participants, we have several lots that we staff 24/7 for trailer parking. This is included with your car entry at no additional cost.

PRE-SALE TICKETS: We offer several ways to secure tickets in advance, which allows easier access. We have several Chicago area outlets and also several outside of the area. For those of you that are not near one of our outlets, you can purchase Pre-Sale tickets online starting in mid October. Of course, we also have box offices right in the lobby for those who prefer to do it in person at the show.

ALWAYS EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED: While we have established a reputation for our many Invitational and Special displays, (which coincidentally, nearly all  change each year!) and our many Premier Unveilings, we also throw in a number of truly unexpected features to keep things interesting. This includes several "Shows Within the Show" with separate displays for each featuring Muscle Bicycles, Mini-Bikes, Snowmobiles, MX Motorcycles and more. And again, as many of you know, there are always some special surprises to greet you right in the main lobby. The goal is always to put a smile on your face and rekindle memories. Over the years we have hosted a Tucker, an Amphicar, the Ghostbusters ECTO-1 tribute and even a Meisenehelder. A whaaaaat? If you were there, you now know!

KIDS STUFF...and not always just for the Kids! First and foremost, let me say that it blows my mind when an automotive event charges admission for Kids that are 12 and under. they not understand that we all need to "plant the seed" early and share what an awesome hobby this is in order to ensure we have a future? While we are totally gate dependent, meaning we have to sell tickets to be viable, charging for kids means many will simply leave the kids home, or may not be able to join us at all. Not at MCACN! We truly want you to bring the kids and immerse them in the many TOTALLY FREE Kids activities we offer. This includes the Auto World Model Car "make and take", casual Hot Wheels Racing, the Scavenger Hunt, Hagerty "Operation Ignite" Youth Judging and more.

This is just a few more reasons to join us when we return to the beautiful Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, Illinois. The show will take place Saturday, November 19, from 9 am - 8 pm and Sunday, November 20, from 
9 am - 5 pm. It is not too early to plan ahead and you can book your rooms at great rates with extra perks at one of our SIX Official Host Hotels now.

Looking forward to having you, your family and friends join us!

Bob Ashton
Managing Member


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March 18-20, 2022


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