Dana Mecums Original Spring Classic Happening NOW!

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1967 Chevrolet Corvette N03 "Tanker"
2022 Corvette Legends Presented by Corvette Mike Participant
Owner: Mike Johnson, New Mexico


35th Original Spring Classic Auction: An Absolute MUST DO!

If you are reading this eblast, I have to believe you appreciate and maybe even own a Cobra, a Hemi car, a Yenko or maybe even a Boss Mustang. Or maybe you've been thinking about acquiring one. Or perhaps your taste leans more toward a Daytona or an AMC Muscle Machine or perhaps a one-off Shelby. Well all of those and a whole lot more are crossing the block this week in Indianapolis.

Dana Mecums Spring Classic Auction started back in 1988 in Rockford, Illinois. From those humble beginnings, when Dana and his family gathered around the kitchen table to becoming the undisputed biggest seller of American Muscle in the world, the goal was to provide the best experience not only for buyers, but also sellers and enthusiasts. The Mecum team has certainly accomplished this goal and has grown with auctions nationwide throughout the year. We can all buy, sell or just enjoy the show either in person or on TV every month.

 Of course the best way to experience the excitement is in person, and the Indy Auction is an absolute must attend event. The old saying "if you can't find it here, it probably doesn't exist" can apply, as the diversity and the quality of the offerings is always beyond belief. You will see quite a few cars that have been shown at the Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals, including several of the Cobra's, the gorgeous F8 Green 426 Hemi Daytona, some Triple Diamond award winning Corvettes, one of the finest '67 Nickey 427 Camaro's and the last Nickey modified '74 Camaro to name a few. And that really is just the tip of the iceberg.

We will have a display frown Thursday-Saturday to spread the word about the upcoming Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals show, November 19-20, 2022. And boy do we have a lot to talk about! From our Wings Over America Daytona and Superbird "Red Carpet" display to the Class of '67 and Class of 1972 Anniversary displays and more. And then we have the fresh and new Malaise Era Muscle, Performance Station Wagons, Big Body Muscle and Maple Leaf Muscle displays. Of course, traditional features like our Barn Finds and Hidden Gems, Vintage, Pinnacle and Milestone certification, Corvette Central Triple Diamond display and competition, Muscle Bicycles, Mini-Bikes and Snowmobile displays, our Buick G.S. Invitational and so much more are also in the works.

SPECIFIC CARS WE ARE LOOKING FOR: Every year when we finalize our Special and Invitational displays, I create a "hit list" with some of the cars we feel truly belong in the displays. The response this year has  been fantastic, but there are a few specific cars we would like to include. For Malaise Era Muscle, looking for a Pontiac Can Am and 74-78 Z/28s and we would love to have some Ford and Mercury performance oriented Wagons and more Big Body, 4-speed Muscle for the Big Body display. As always, if you have a prime example of real American Muscle, especially if rarely (or never!) shown, please consider joining us, whether it fits one of our displays or not. To Pre-Qualify, send pictures and information to bashton426@gmail.com, Some of our categories are already full, so don't hesitate as we will be sold-out (as in Full) earlier than ever!

There are a lot of rumors and rumblings about a recently "unearthed" ultimate Muscle Car. Stay tuned to learn the facts, as you will have the opportunity to not only see it, but learn the full story of the discovery and the acquisition.

The Excitement Abounds for all of us in this great hobby. Please help us spread the word (and the enthusiasm!) about the Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals show. We will be returning to the awesome Donald E. Stephens Convention Center Saturday, November 19, and Sunday, November 20. You can book your rooms now at any of our SIX Official Host Hotels by clicking here: Great rates, perfect locations and extra perks reserved strictly for ALL of our spectators and participants.

Hope to catch up with you this week in Indianapolis!

Bob Ashton
Managing Member

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