Keeping Things Interesting at MCACN: Happy 4th!!

*2022 Sneak Peek

1972 Hurst/Olds Indy Medic Wagon
2022 MCACN Performance Wagons Invitational Participant
Owner: Todd Harroun, Michigan


Expect the Unexpected at the Upcoming Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals Show!

The Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals show is many things, but one thing for sure is that we are never predictable! Yes...we celebrate particular model years every year with special Invitational Anniversary displays, but even these change every year. But then let's talk about some of the other Invitational displays we host. Every year we change this up to make sure you get to see a new event. This year one of the perhaps "off the wall" displays we will host will spotlight High Performance Station Wagons. Wait, what? Wagons? Yep...our good friends Keith and Carol Currie have shown several of theirs over the years, (remember that '64 409 wagon or the wild Draggin' Wagon Olds last year?) and this year they will be bringing in an entire Reliable truckload of them from their personal collection. And that's not all. We have several other collectors that have some pretty amazing Wagons that definitely have a performance connection. Take the one above, for instance. This is not something someone put together, it is the actual real-deal Indianapolis Medic Wagon used for the 1972 Indianapolis 500! Now that alone is worth seeing, and it is one of about a dozen wagons we have joining us this year. Both street and drag cars will be with us, and I can assure you, each one is a show stopper.

This year we have several displays that are somewhat outside of the box; Big Body Muscle, PRE-Production 1965 Shelby GT350's and '72 GM "X-Code" W30's along with "last gasp" Stage 1 Buicks are a few others. And of course, we have a new group of Performance MX Motorcycles from the Jeff Schwartz Collection, and expanded Performance Snowmobile display, Hosted by Mike Harris and as always, our two-wheeled pleasures with the Muscle Bicycle and Mini Bike displays, Hosted by the Koolestuff crew.

All of this gives you a few more reasons to join us when we return to the beautiful Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, (SUBURBAN Chicago) Illinois, November 19-20, 2022. While it may seem like its a way off, we have been receiving entries faster than ever and most of our special displays are already full! If you have a true Performance Wagon or Big Body please consider joining us.

Looking For: The response to my requests for certain cars has been great, and most that I've asked for are now confirmed. This includes what may be the finest Can Am you will ever see, joining us from Arizona for our Malaise Era Muscle Invitational and some of the absolute best of the best '67 GTX's and Coronet R/T's. So with that being said, I am hoping to find a prime Aspen or Volare Street Kit Car, and some '"best of the best" '67 Camaros and Firebirds, and how about some '70's Custom Vans, to keep with the "Unexpected" theme? (WE have an incredible Dodge Street Van towing a Chrysler Conqueror boat joining us; THANKS Mark Coates!).


OFFICIAL Host Hotels: As expected, the DoubleTree is already close to sold out and the Embassy Suites is also hot. Not to worry as we have SIX Official Host Hotels, five directly across the street and the aLoft just a couple blocks away with door to door shuttle service. MCACN Special Rates start at just $119.00 per night at The Crowne Plaza, and ALL of our Official Host Hotels offer MCACN Exclusive extra perks and reduced rate parking. Use this link to read about all six and to book your rooms now. PLEASE NOTE: These are the ONLY authorized MCACN Official Hotels and we will never call you to solicit hotel business. We do the work in advance and these links get you directly to the source, If anyone ever tries to solicit you to book rooms stating they represent us, they are lying! Hang up or delete their emails!


GILMORE MCACN Muscle Car Meetup: To call this inaugural event a success would be an understatement. Special Thanks go out to Josh and the entire Gilmore Car Museum team for allowing us to be a part of an outstanding, event and their awesome hospitality. Nearly 100 Past (and current) MCACN Shown Muscle Cars answered the call to participate in the special MCACN show area, and hundreds more show cars came to join the gathering. Even many of our past and present MCACN staff members brought out their cars to enjoy a day to catch up with old friends and show off their rides.  I am quite sure that everyone had a good time,  I know we sure did! Thanks to all of you that joined us with your cars and trucks and also to all who came to see them, and the museum. For those that came to the Gilmore Car Museum for the first time, you now understand what a true treasure this place is! Clarification: The Muscle Car Meet Up is not a second MCACN Show, simply a Muscle Car Meetup at an awesome location where were fortunate enough to showcase some of the superb Muscle Cars that were previously or will be currently shown at a MCACN Show. 

Thanks to all of you that joined us with your cars and trucks and also to all who came to see them, and the museum. For those that came to the Gilmore Car Museum for the first time, you now understand what a true treasure this place is!


NEXT UP: Chicagoland Mopar Connection Belvidere Mopar Show and Swap, Saturday July 9-10. For information, go to:  See you there!


Wishing you, your family and friends a safe and fun filled Holiday Week! Hope you have time to enjoy the sights and sounds of the summer and also a shout out to our friends from North of the border. Happy Dominion/Canada Day and Happy Independence Day!

Bob Ashton
Managing Member


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