MCACN Welcomes Johnson's Horsepowered Garage

*2022 Sneak Peek

1970 Pontiac GTO Judge
2022 MCACN Participant
Owner: Steven Race, Georgia


 Johnson's Horsepowered Garage Joins Our Fine Family of Official Sponsors

If you are a drag racing fan, you have probably heard of Johnson's Horsepowered GarageAs the proud Sponsor of the Bo Butner Pro Stock team, they are making their mark in a major way in the hotly competitive NHRA drag racing ranks. But that is just one aspect of what Johnson's Horsepowered Garage is all about. Owner Jason Johnson lives and breathes all things on wheels, especially high powered examples of the finest and rarest automobiles. Jason has been working on assembling a world-class collection that already has over 150 vehicles ranging from fully restored Muscle Cars to the wildest exotics. Recent additions include one of the 75 McClaren Senna's and some of the highest tech Pro-Touring cars you have ever seen. Jason also has a passion for all things related to Mr. Norm and Grand Spaulding Dodge, and his collection of original and modern Mr. Norm's cars has been expanding at a rapid pace.

Last year our good friend Mike Staveski brought in several cars that he built for Jason, and all are show-stoppers that went home with top awards. So this year Jason is stepping up in a big way as an Official Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals Sponsor to introduce us to one of his latest ventures. With a home base in the Nashville, Tennessee area, Jason has built a state of the art facility that is the home of his incredible collection and a new sales facility is in the works. Unlike a typical dealer, Jason collects only the best in pedigree vehicles, with many staying in his own personal stable. Johnson’s Horsepowered Garage brings a passion and flare to the automotive realm. Building upon its start-up year in 2021, JHG aims to inspire, drive and celebrate progress. The vision of proprietor, Jason Johnson, JHG spans across his world class car collection featuring more than 150 highly sought after vehicles from classics, to hot rods and supercars. Being able to share his passion and enthusiasm is what it's all about, and we are honored to be on the ground floor of this exciting new venture.

This year you will see a big display showcasing several of Jason's favorites, along with a neat group of related wearables and collectibles. Be sure to meet the crew and see what they have in the works. I can assure you, Jason, Mike and and the crew fit right in, with so much passion and enthusiasm! We welcome Johnson's Horsepowered Garage and can't wait to see what they have in store for us when we return to the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, (Suburban Chicago) Illinois, November 19-20.


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Stay Safe, Have Fun and Please...Be NICE!

Bob Ashton
Managing Member


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