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Military Members Past and Present Invited to Show Off Their Prime American Muscle

It is nice to be able to honor our service people, past and present, during Memorial Day, but this week we'd like to announce another way to acknowledge the dedication, sacrifices and commitment that our members of the military have made, and make.

Several years ago we announced our Military Appreciation Day, which is always Sunday at the Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals show. We extend an invitation to ALL members of our armed forces to join us with FREE admission on Sunday. No strings, no fine print, just show up with your military identification and our team will give you a FREE single day admission ticket. Just a small way to express our appreciation.

Well this year, after having discussions with MCACN team members and regular participants Jeff and Brent Kultgen, we are extending an invitation to our Military Members who share our passion for American Muscle to show off your pride and joy. We will have a very special display area honoring these men and ladies. If you are a past or present member of the military, (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines or Coast Guard) and have a MCACN worthy Muscle Car or C1-C5 Corvette, please consider joining us.

You can enter in several of our Judged categories or as Non Judged/Pick Eligible, whichever you prefer. The display will be fully stanchioned and you will receive one of the cool 12 x 48" Special Invitational signs along with a commemorative Invitational plaque and certificate. Several Outstanding Awards will also be presented. Of course, we are looking for the best of the best! You will be able to find the display which will be located near the center of the "big" room by spotting the big American flag banners. Just a small way we can all honor our Service folks, past and present. Note; while the Kultgen Family is not looking for any recognition for being our Official Sponsors of this display and are the ones who brought this concept to me, we want to extend our sincere appreciation and ask you to do the same.


Gilmore Muscle Car Meetup: Whew...what a great day it was. The weather was outstanding, the cars and trucks beautiful and the Gilmore facility was, as always, a wonderful experience. Thanks to all who joined us, including many of our MCACN staff members and thanks to the Gilmore Car Museum staff for doing a great job accommodating us. Please plan on visiting the Gilmore Museum all year round, as the displays rotate and there is just so much to see. The perfect family getaway that is midway between Detroit and Chicago and well worth the drive, no matter where you are.


HOTEL Update: We work hard to make sure that we accommodate everyone who joins us, whether you are a participant or a spectator. With our SEVEN Official Host Hotels, (five directly across the street!) we make it easy, fun and with the great rates starting at just $121.00 per night, affordable. The DoubleTree, the Crowne Plaza and the Embassy are selling especially fast. To read about all seven hotels and to book your rooms now, go to


VENDOR Space; As always, we have a strict automotive related only rule. As of today, we have a few Commercial "A" spots in the "big" room and Commercial "B" spots in both rooms. With rates starting at just $250.00 per 12 x 10' spot, we always sell out well in advance so book your spots here now:


Looking For....As always, we work hard to present a fresh and exciting show. While most of our Special and Invitational displays are already full, there are a few specific things we'd like to add to the mix. This includes '59, '66 and '67 High Performance Impalas, '73 340 Dusters, Dart Sports and Mustangs and other interesting performance oriented 73's, 1968 GTO's, Firebirds, Camaro's and Chevelles and as always, prime examples of American Muscle that aren't in any of our special displays. If it's cool, massively overpowered or maybe just weird, we'd love to see it! We also have a 70's "Disco Era" VAN display coming together just for fun, so if you have one of those, please consider joining us!

As June fades away and we jump into July, we hope you embrace the opportunities that the warm weather brings us. Break out those cars, motorcycles, boats and bicycles and share the fun!

Hope you, your family and friends enjoy a safe and fun Holiday week!

Bob Ashton
Managing Member


July 6-9



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