Class of 1968 & Military Appreciation Invitationals

 *2023 Sneak Peek

1968 Shelby GT500KR
Owner: Donald Bell, Arkansas
2023 MCACN Class of 1968 Invitational Participant


1968 Was Quite a Year for American Muscle!

Class of 1968 Sponsored by NCM Insurance

If you were with us "pre-covid" in 2019, you know we had an absolutely incredible year. Recovering from 2020, 2021 came on strong and last year was even better. With that being said, all indications are that this year, we could smash all records with a show that is sure to be off the hook.

We will be highlighting Ford and Mercury with several outstanding displays including the "Red Carpet" Boss display, (which BTW is NOT all Mustang), the Ford & Mercury Better Ideas Invitational and very special displays devoted to the Ford GT's and GT40's and the History of Saleen. Of course, being an all makes event, you can bet that all divisions of GM, Mother Mopar, AMC and even Studebaker will again be well represented, as always. (More on those brands later).

Today we want to talk about one of our Anniversary displays, which honors all makes. 1968 was quite a year for American Muscle. Think about it; an all new Corvette was introduced, the GM A-Bodies underwent a total restyling, AMC brought out the Javelin and the AMX, Plymouth introduced the Roadrunner and Dodge answered with the Super Bee. The all-new Charger certainly made a bold statement while Ford took Shelby "in house" with cars like the one shown above that is joining us, continuing to wave the Total Performance flag.

We already have a stellar lineup, but let's face it...can we have too many hot performance cars from the 1968 model year? I say NO, and want to extend the invitation to owners right here and now. As always with our Invitational displays, we are looking for the "best of the best" with an emphasis on factory stock. NO Radial T/A's please! We would really like to see some more AMX's, Super Bees, GTO's, Camaro's, Shelby's, Roadrunners and GTX's and how about an El Camino or Ranchero? That would sure be neat! Bottom line is, if you own a prime example of 1968 Muscle (any brand factory stock or REAL Day2) please consider joining us. Send pictures and information to to Pre-Qualify if you'd like to be a part of this.


Speaking of our Special displays; We also want to make a BIG splash with our Military Appreciation display. This one's dedicated to past and present members of our armed forces and open to all makes. Stock or tastefully modified and even race cars are welcome. This is all about showing some appreciation for our members of the military with a bit of special recognition. Presented by The Kultgen Family, we want to have a diversified display that will be flanked by good old American Stars and Stripes. If you are or have been a member of the military & have a muscle car and want to be a part of this, email pics and info to me at NOTE: if you are already registered and are a past or present member of the military, let us know if you'd like to join this group

And don't forget...Sunday, November 19 is MCACN Military Appreciation Day with FREE admission to all past and present members of the military. See the check-in table in the lobby, show your Military ID or designation on your driver's license and you're in! A small gesture from the MCACN team to show some appreciation!

This upcoming weekend we head over to the Pure Stock Muscle Car Drag Races, where we can all witness owners doing exactly what these cars were meant to do. For more information on that check our

Be safe, be nice and get out there and play!

Bob Ashton
Managing Member


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