MCACN Class of 1972 Invitational: It Wasn't Over Yet!

*2022 Sneak Peek

1972 Buick G.S. Stage 1

2022 Class of 1972 Invitational Participant

 Sponsored by Garner Customs & Restoration

Owner: Paul Haddock, North Carolina


Commemorating the 1972 Model Year at the 
Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals

Last year we had the distinct honor of being able to host TWO Anniversary Displays to commemorate what many consider the pinnacle years for American Muscle. With rows of Hemi's, LS6's, Cobra Jets, LT1's and a variety of multi-carb beasts, it was an awesome year! Making up for "lost time" made it even more exciting. While some may think that '71 marked the end of an era, we are here to say that wasn't necessarily the case, if you knew your way around an order sheet. General Motors still had 455 cubic inch big blocks available with the Olds 455's and the mighty W30 and Buick 455's and Stage 1, while Pontiac offered the 455 HO. You could still get a 454 in your Chevelle and Ford had several hot 429's available. Corvette aficionados could also check the box to put a 454 under the hood, or perhaps the high-winding LT1 small block was your choice. Fact is, for fans of High Performance, it wasn't over yet, even if the writing was on the wall.

Wolf Feist 1972 Hurst Grand Prix DE --MCACN 2022

This year we will celebrate both 1967 and 1972 with very special Anniversary Invitational displays. Buick fans will again be blown away by what Dr. Ajesh Parikh has in store for us with what will most likely be the largest gathering ever under one roof of '72 G.S. Buicks, including hardtops and convertibles. An entire row of X-Code Oldsmobile's will also be featured. Add some Firebirds and GTO's and even a Hurst Grand Prix and G.M. fans are sure to be pleased. Alas, while Mopar fans may not have been able to get a Hemi under the hood, big blocks were still available and you will see several Chargers and Roadrunners along with some 340 powered E-bodies, Dusters and Demons. Ford fans will enjoy the Mustangs and Torino's and we sure would like to see some high performance Cougars and Montego's in the mix! Of course, AMC was also kicking out some great performance offerings, including the Javelin/AMX, so plan on checking those out.

TWO of the many items in the 1972 Wolf Feist Collection

But wait...there's more! In keeping with our "expect the unexpected" theme, our good friend Wolfgang Feist will be bringing in an absolutely mind-blowing collection of vintage 1972 model cars and promotional models and related material. This is where it started for many of us, and Wolf's collection of mint and original plastic replicas is worth the price of admission. These 1/25th scale cars will be on display in showcases right in the middle of the Class of 1972 area, flanked by Wolf's Hurst SSJ Grand Prix and his brothers GTO. Believe me when I say, these showcases filled with vintage plastic will bring back a lot of memories! Special Thanks go out to Wolf and his brother Fred, who are long time supporters of what we do and have shown some amazing cars at MCACN over the years. Helping us "raise the bar" with yet another reason to join us when we return to the beautiful Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont (Suburban Chicago area) Illinois, November 19-20.

If you own a performance Muscle Car or Corvette from the 1972 model year, please consider joining us. Especially looking for some more Ford and Mercury products, an LT1 Corvette with air and how about some more AMC's. Please send pictures and information to for consideration.
Thanks go out to Garner Customs & Restorations for Sponsoring the 
Class of 1972 at MCACN 2022.


VENDOR SPACE at MCACN: We have just a few more Commercial "A" spots available in the "big" room, along with Commercial "B" spaces in the center and rear halls. As always, we are 100% automotive related only. We do not allow travel agencies, pull-up challenges, window companies or other NON car stuff. If it isn't automotive or automobilia related, please don't waste our time!


SELL YOUR CAR AT MCACN: Looking for a great way to offer your collectible car to qualified buyers? Well we offer TWO ways to do that. Our VIP Car For Sale area in the center hall is for 10-12 premium examples. This area is fully stanchioned, has a bit more space and is hosted by a MCACN Liaison. With a fee of just $250, this is a great way to get some excellent exposure. We also have our general Car For Sale area at the back of the "big" room. These cars move-in Saturday morning, are parked side by side and nose to tail and the fee is just $150.00. TWO great ways to get your car in front of thousands of qualified and eager potential buyers. Please note; cars offered for sale must be presentable and must run. No "beaters" of barn finds here! Click Here for more information.


SOCIAL MEDIA: The MCACN show needs spectators to be viable. We are expanding our social media presence by jumping into the Instagram, TikTok and Twitter world. While we are still learning, we ask for your help in helping us spread the word. Also, I post updates and cars on our Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals Facebook page nearly every day. Fact is, we always have so much to talk about! While our posts will never be polished or fancy, they will keep you in the loop and updated. The idea is to spread the word and to have some fun, so that we can keep doing this for many years to come.

Stay safe, have fun and Be Nice!

Bob Ashton
Managing Member


Title Sponsor


August 25-27, 2022