Yet Another GREAT Week for Us Car Nuts!

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Monterey Car Week and Woodward Cruise This Week

Last week I mentioned that sometimes I wish I could "clone" myself, as there are so many great events happening for us car freaks at the same time. Of course, the main spotlight this week falls on the many events happening in Monterey, California culminating in what is the undisputed finest and certainly most prestigious Concours event in the country that takes place among some the most beautiful scenery in the U.S. With a variety of activities, it is hard to describe what a week it is. Of course, we especially look forward to seeing what Dana Mecum and his team has for The Daytime Auction, Thursday through Saturday, August 18-20. Each year you think they'll never top the lineup, but suffice it to say, they have done it again. I am really looking forward to seeing more records set and more happy buyers and sellers! To see the entire list of offerings, go to and if you aren't out there, catch live coverage on the Motor Trend channel or online through the Mecum Infonet, which is FREE to everyone.

Great weather, beautiful scenery, awesome people and some of the most desirable cars in the world. For an overview of the weeks many activities, check out'm not going to lie...this is where I wish I could be!


Woodward Cruise: Out here in my neighborhood, it is Woodward week. I say week because although the actual "cruise" is Saturday, August 20, the entire week has become Woodward activities. Things kicked off last weekend with the cool Road Kill Nights activities and if you follow our MCACN facebook page you know about the Dodge Media events I had the honor of attending. Looks like Denny Guest and the South Oak Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep team is going to have another great year!

Cruise Route: 16 Miles in each direction. 

I'll be out there in my trusty '81 Imperial beater, parked wherever I can as a base to walk and spread the word about the upcoming Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals show, November 19-20. We have so much going on! With the overall excitement that our hobby is enjoying and the incredible enthusiasm about our event, I can't begin to express my appreciation for all of the support you all give us. And remember, you can book your hotel now for the MCACN show at any of our SIX Official Host Hotels, all offering great deals, extra perks and reduced rate parking, not only for our participants, but for our spectators too. Here is a direct link to book your rooms now;

Travelling to Woodward for the Cruise? As many of you know, I live in the Detroit area. I want to give a "heads-up" to anyone who may be heading this way, especially if you are driving your Muscle Car or Corvette or towing a trailer with your "baby" inside. Our roads are horrible!  This past week I towed a loaded trailer behind Laura's Escalade and it felt like every nut and bolt was being shaken apart for many miles.

Mopar Nationals last weekend: Thanks to everyone who came out to talk MCACN at the Nationals. It was a great event and we had an absolute blast. Seeing people that I met years ago and hearing how many of you now join us for the MCACN show is so much fun. And the kind words are appreciated and quite honestly, very humbling. Great that now many of you that I would only see once a year at the Nats now make it a twice a year meeting! Thanks go out to Jim Bielinda and his team for producing this fun event for 41 years now!

Next Week:
August 25-27, 2022

Well...time to hit Woodward in some comfortable walking shoes and rack up some steps! Hope to see you out there!

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August 25-27, 2022



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